Supply chain crisis has had the most significant impact on businesses across the industry.

Port of Vancouver (Canada) is part of a large supply chain system.  Goods move through the port with efficiency via the support of rail and roads.  As a gateway for receiving commercial architectural glass from around the world, this case study will show how relationships combined with an experienced workforce and state-of-the-art equipment provided for a seamless, cost-effective, efficient transfer of commercial architectural glass direct to our glazing community and sub-contractors throughout USA and Canada.

SERVICES – Glass 3 Enterprises’ team sources, supplies, manages sales and services including the shipments of commercial architectural glass throughout USA and in Canada. The benefit to our customers is our vast vendor/factory network across the globe; whether customers prefer North American or International glass, we adapt to our customer’s timing and specifications. The ability to divert containers to Vancouver, maximized cost savings, partner expertise and overall transfer of goods with efficiencies.  G3E pivoted plans in tandem with an experienced partner, National Glass. Their expertise in glass distribution, managing offloading with precision and safety, led to our shipment of containers being offloaded, stored and then transported by truck to our customer with attention to detail, ease and speed while saving costs.

CHALLENGES – Today, the industry is in a strangle-hold with global material shortages, manufacturing & shipping delays and rising costs. Due to the complexity of moving physical containers inland G3E has identified select port cities. Shipping inland was not an option as steamship vessels’ preference is to keep containers at port cities.  Pricing and availability to shipping to non-port cities has been severely affected in recent months.  To manage the customer’s expectations, G3E shared the reality of Los Angeles and other key US port city’s current congestion crisis and truck shortages.  Understanding steamship lines’ restrictions and limited supply of physical containers availability, the opportunity to move product into Vancouver proved to be more than advantageous on so many levels.  

SOLUTIONS – G3E identified select port cities. Selecting Vancouver due to efficiencies and trust in our partner to unload contributed to the speed of delivery and costing.  Directly following clearance, National Glass provided their expertise to offload the shipment, hold the shipment at their 20,000 square foot warehouse thus allowing the G3E team to successfully manage the delivery of glass to its final destination, Bonner Springs, Kansas.  Vancouver Port of entry provided quicker access than any other western ports which enabled a flawless transfer of their container loads of crated bent glass to flat deck trucks.  Rail was not an option due to rail congestion in Tacoma, Washington. 

To execute monumental projects successfully, strategic planning for crating, container loading, offloading, transportation and final delivery is critical.  For a recent project in South Carolina, with a tight deadline, the original plan was to deliver in two – 20 foot containers.  By diverting the shipment into Vancouver, (where higher weight limits exist) allowed G3E to move the glass and use one – 40 foot container at cost savings.  National Glass’ ability to work with G3E to offload large crates from closed tops saved time and money plus G3E’s ability to ship the product on a 53’ flat deck truck presented a further cost savings in overall delivery charges.


G3E’s reputation for providing exceptional and transparent customer service is a focal point when helping our Glass & Glazing customers solve their glass and glazing sourcing and supplying needs.  Partnerships; from our factory/vendor reach to our glazing community, the strategic alliance with National Glass helped G3E with executing the offloading, storage and final delivery of fragile materials with ease and precision.  

Glass 3 Enterprises (G3E) through our partnership with domestic and international factories can meet the most demanding specialized and customized glass specifications.    G3E is a full-service supply, sourcing and sales solution for efficiency, quality and scheduling for all of your architectural glass requirements.