Project Scope and Description – Landmark Tower, Los Angeles  (Greco Aluminum Railings)

  • Through a beautiful railing design, the architect and Greco requested a combination of Flat and Bent/Curved glass to achieve the wrap-around balconies on this luxury highrise. With a variance of small and large panels, and various tight radius’ bent requirements, sourcing this fully tempered glass product was not possible from a domestic source to remain in budget.  
  • With the Landmark Tower located in a congested area of Los Angeles, delivery options were highly limited. The jobsite did not have access to a loading dock to offload full trucks/containers and the limited storage space on site did not allow for bulk deliveries. 


  • Using Glass 3’s global network of factories, we sourced a specialized factory that focuses on high quality low iron glass and is capable to complete the tight radius bends on tempered glass. Glass 3 was able to deliver a beautiful, high quality bent lamianted glass product that was below budget, to allow both companies to be successful on this project. 
  • To accommodate the jobsites limited offloading and storage capabilities, Glass 3 worked together with a local warehouse who was able to offload the full containers and store the glass for the continuation of the project. With over 200 Crates, and deliveries spanning over multiple months – the G3E team executed many 6:00 AM deliveries to the jobsite, with the requested sequence of floors for installation.